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Sn95 Power Steering Pressure Hose

Evening AUtomotive forums deciding to ask the community for some help
Pops always said to figure shit out on your own instead of waiting and I took those words pretty seriously after noticing all my dam problems with this car
Been down on my luck with a problem I got myself into out of frustration..
Long story short bought myself my 1st car on a impulse buy a
95 mustang gt v8 5.0 convertible top
Odometer read at 95k for $1200, shit why not
After a good 30 mins driving back home started noticing problems w/ the car, most Iíve fixed myself
Speedometer had broken internal gears made out of china plastic and nothing but brittles so I swapped it out for a working one from the junk yard just had to make sure it was new which was by surprise
fixing the brakes lights response ( fucking wires werenít connected properly
Gas gauge wasnít reading nothing but empty after the stop to the gas station, then I learned about the Anti Slosh Module Bypass and a beautiful sight to see I have a half tank and thank those smart asses for not dropping my tank
The Top would only go down and not up, Turns out I had a bad Relay but swapped both out just to be safe added some Royal Purple ATF Fluid, the hydraulic tank was near empty, bleeded the sucker out and up and down like a charm
The odometer under the RPM is still at zero donít know how to work on that yet
Now the main issue Iím having
The car turns on, stays on itís ready to hit the road but the main flaw is the power steering was bad, making left and right turns was a dam hassle talk about man power , so I took off the top on with a Flare wrench, what made the impossible was removing the lower end off the pinion rack box small space to work with, when I got the 18mm wrench which is the correct size for the lower end to start the removal I loosened it up a bit and started pulling on the copper tube to brake off the whole hose and work on the bolt thatís the main issue out of frustration after that the bolt loosened up but to the left and right the sucker wonít even fastened no more
Iím thinking I snapped the Head of the bolt off the Threading since itís stuck on there, as I pull and turn there is fluid coming but thatí happen with the stock 95 pressure hose since it was fabricated with a bolt inserted the copper tubing so At this point I ask the experts on the what heíll should I do,
My last resort would be cutter , cut off the bold let the copper piece fall in
Drill the threads out carefully not to damage the interior thread of the pinion box and drain out the steering rack and what to do with the copper pice that fell in?
Idk you guys, tell me itís something simple or something that can be done
Iíve run outta ideas and donít have cash to take to the Mechanic
Thanks for your help , I look forward to all the shit talk I deserve coming , remember itís my 1st car, havenít asked mechanics for help only friends who have no idea what Iím talking about even tho their decade long drivers lol
Ive attached a picture of how it looks down there
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