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Nissan Murano S 2006 Battery-Alternator-Charging System-Help!!

I have a 2006 Nissan Murano S, 3.5 engine approx. 66K miles.
Several months ago I began having problems with battery/charging system. First when I would take a short trip maybe to store-after returning, the car would not start--no clicking-power anything, etc. But if I opened hood and just barely touched the battery connectors--voila everything worked! Thought was loose battery connection and would tighten at home. Did that several times-then one day after same issue, about 20 seconds of driving-the car stalled after crazy-blinking lights on dashboard and totallly dead--no clicking no power etc. Somehow got home after jump starting and decided to buy new battery as hoped this might be prob. thought was original batt. we bought car used and was a leased car so decided to upgrade to a higher amps, but did think in the back of my mind it could possibly be alternator as seemed like more electrical issue.
After new battery was installed, after 20-30 miles I thought I felt that feeling that you get before it stalls--(just nothing there?!) & I put in neutral for a minute and was at stoplight and then back in drive and it wasn't stalled but decided to go to where I got battery and get alternator-charging system test and it showed- "no voltage-charging system problem" am including that December test as well as recent test.
Coincidentally--(sorry know this is long!) I had fuel issue-gas in tank always showed empty & fortunately had extended warranty which actually covered and fixed sending units as well as motor mount & a few other items that qualified. They (Nissan dealership) could not find any issues with charging system except to say the wrong battery was installed i.e. not Nissan battery! But I explained that the battery I had was upgraded from previous one & was an acceptable fit for the car! (24F-6)
We had not driven the car much (after getting a citation for expired tag!) and after fuel fix-I drove the car about 50-60 miles to reset so I could get passing emissions and tag which I did.
The next morning (yesterday) the car started but the red battery indicator & parking brake light indicator was on (a first!) so I drove to battery store to check system--and those results are also included. I have seen several suggestions like making sure cables were cleaned, checking connections and none of that has helped.
Again sorry for the long version--any help greatly appreciated.
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