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Rev matching question

My understanding of how rev matching is done is:
1. hit brakes
2. clutch in (RPMs drop below road speed)
3. downshift while blipping throttle
4. release the clutch smoothly

My question pertains to steps 3 and 4. When I blip the throttle to get engine speed to match road speed, do I stay on the throttle and maintain those RPMs while releasing the clutch? Seems like I would have to since releasing the throttle even a little would drop RPMs and provide less rev matching as the engine and transmission engage.
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Re: Rev matching question

o.O idk who taught you how to downshift, cuz that's not the way I do it haha.

Technically you are rev matching right, because all you are doing when you are rev matching is blipping the throttle up to an appropriate RPM for your speed and gear and then engaging the clutch.

Engaging the clutch slowly kind of defeats the purpose of bringing your RPM up because of the time it takes to let it out, and waiting to bring your revolutions down to below road speed is just kind of a waste as well.

As far as double clutch downshifting your technique could use a bit of practice. The way I downshift is as follows and takes place in the same time it would take for me to upshift.

Disengage Clutch
Blip Throttle up a couple RPM depending on speed and gear
Engage Clutch almost before i'm done blipping
Back on Throttle

And the same technique goes for Heel-Toe downshifting except you incorporate the use of the brake

I Hope I answered your question/ ^_^
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