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Re: Turn Signal and Headlight electrical issues

Originally Posted by automotivenovice01 View Post
The headlights kill the battery charge. I have replaced the alternator and the battery. When the alternator is tested it checks out ok until I turn the headlights on. I know some drop is normal with the headlights operational but it goes from about 14 to 10 volts. I have replaced the alternator twice, checked all the bulbs and nothing seems to be wrong. The voltage regulator is supposed to be in the alternator. I suspect a dead short somewhere but if it could be something easier then let me know.

This probably is irrelevant but the turn signals are also out of order. The blow the fuse immediatly. All the bulbs are ok. I tried using a 25amp fuse instead of the 15 and it also blew.
sounds like u r on the right track. the head light plug is suspect. that is the groung out and is hard to see it with out it completly removed. like the other guy said,DO NOT INCREASE THE FUSE AMPERAGE, THIS CLOUD LEAD TO AN ELECTRICAL FIRE, or short out the stalk switch. try taking both headlights out. put an ohm meter in the outlet, set it to continuity you should get almst a 0 reading
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