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Re: Turn Signal and Headlight electrical issues

NEVER exceed the stock amperage!!! Instead, you might replace w/ a circuit breaker, which may give you time to isolate the short. Had similar problem w/ a Ford van. Got my 1st exposure to circuit breakers, as I was able to get from the fuse box to the shorted wire, as the fuse re-set and it sparked. Folks had similar problem w/ Plym. Sapporo. Replaced the fusible link w/ breaker, as neither the shop nor I could find the intermittent short They just had to pull over when it died and wait for breaker to re-set.
Not a good fix, but better that a kick in the head or poke in the eye w/ sharp stick. Good luck & if you find any solution for power thru signal fuse, but not at flasher relay, I'd appreciate it.
Sgt. Mack
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