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Re: '03 Ram 1500 Hemi Transmission Problems

Originally Posted by Blylock
honestly i would write a letter or call dodge home office and file a personal complaint. ive know people to make out very well when they buy a new vehicle and its always breaking. tell them you want them to extend your factory warranty to 60k for all the bs your going through. you bought it, its not what you expected. a friend of mine had a 01 suburban that must have been built by crackheads, in 03 he wrote 2 letters to GM about it, with a copy of all the dealer invoices. they gave him a brand new 03 in its place, made his loan payment the same as the 01, and the payoff date the same. in other words, they swapped him the 03, but his loan never changed. i was jealous, a brand new truck, 3 years left to pay on it, 402 per month.

dont hurt to bitch, you paid alot of money for it, let them know your pissed off.

Thanks for your reply. I will definitely do that, already began getting the exact dates, etc together to do so. That would be nice to get a new vehicle..a pain though with all we have had to go thru so far.
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