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Angry '03 Ram 1500 Hemi Transmission Problems

With only 16,500 miles and at only 1.5yrs old this truck has been in the shop 3x now with transmission problems. The 1st time was within a month or two of owning it and they replaced the entire computer supposedly. Now a month ago while driving it suddenly lost power and I found it that it went into "save mode" and threw it into 2nd gear so it would at least take off from a light safely and go about 50mph without hurting gears, etc. This time they said it was a transmission selonoid and replaced it. Well it happened again about a week after I got it back. And this time they tried several different items and again seems to go back to the computer board. I received it back this past Tuesday night and it hasn't dropped it down yet, but now there is a loud sound almost like rushing air but it is after driving it about 20mins, not immediately. I tightened the lid to the air filter compartment, it was loose, but that hasn't stopped the noise.

so 2 questions, anyone else have issues with their transmission like this? and does anyone have any idea what hose or something may be making this loud rush of air sound now? I am bringing it back into the dealer next week - it is still under the 3yr 30,000 warranty - but this is getting rediculous! Thanks for any input.
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