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Re: Go Geo Go!!!!!

Originally Posted by 2strokebloke
It just draws in cooler air (from lower to the ground) than a stock air-box. Won't have any effect on your exhuast sound (why would it? - it's for the intake!) and I'm not sure what if any difference it'll make performance wise, unless you drive in a hot climate.
well i see we have either a real noob or an idiot, A CAI sucks cooler air into the engine yes, but also makes a huge differnce on exhaust sound after about 4K RPM's(makes it sound very course and violent and DEEP!), it also can add up to 14 HP so i dont think you know anything, next time respond to a post u know something about, or else shoosh it. p.s. Intakes effect the exhausts sound by having more air pass through the engine which increases exhaust flow for louder exhaust at high RPM's and also increases gas milage, jeez people like u piss me off, how can u think that a new intake system doesnt have anything to do with the exhaust, where do u think part of the exhaust comes from u idiot
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