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EVO is awsome

top reasons why EVO is simply the best mag out there

-pictures - you have to really search long and hard to find a picture that is even marginally bad. average picture takes up 1 to 2 of the huge 9" by 11" pages. There is also a great variety of photos; engine bay, cockpit, side, rear and front exterior (unlike most mags that have 10 different shots of the exterior).

-editors and writers know what there taking about - I would put them on level with Car & Driver type. they don't bullshit you by going on and on about how great a car for two pages. they let you know the faults are no mater how expensive it is. Additionally, all of there reviews are nice and long.

-choice of cars - I know it was the "super car" issue but com'on - where else are you going to find a Carrera GT, Enzo, Pagani Zonda C125, Koenigsegg CC8S, and Ford GT reviewed IN DETAIL all in the same mag

-ads - or lack of anyway. I counted the # of ads in the enzo nov issue: about 55 or so, which is extremely good considering that there is 195 pages in the mag and the majority (a good 20 of them) are in the last 25 pages of the mag

top reasons why EVO is simply the worst mag out there

-$8.25 It's a tad expensive if you ask me

-kind of a Funny name for a car mag [does it have something to do with the mitsu or something?]

-Sorry that's all I got
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