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Saw a Yugo In A Ditch

Hello Yugo Drivers;

I was driving along in my Oldsmobile Aurora, and yes even though Olds is out of production, GMC will still take care of my car with parts and service for years to come.The same cannot be said about Yugo.

I was driving along in my Oldsmobile in Northern California near a town called Vernails. Driving through the farm county and there it was in a water irrigation ditch.

Like a sunken ship with its stern in the air, ready to go to dave jones locker,was a red Yugo. This Yugo has met it end in a watery grave.

What was that marketing lingo them'

Yugo Here, Yugo There, Yugo everywhere

A fitting end to a car without a country, but it has a home on Ebay
"Driving Along in My Oldsmobile"
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