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Temperamantal Door Lock 91 Q45

Hello All.

The drivers door lock is very temperamental. I insert the key and I cannot turn the key unless I jiggle it around for a while. Eventually I can get the key to turn and I am able to lock/unlock the door. The key works fine when used on the passanger door. I also tried a spare key and the results were the same. I am pretty certain the tumbler is the problem since I can feel the key binding on one or more pins in the tumbler. I tried lubricating the inside of the tumbler with graphite which did not help. I want to change the tumbler so my question is this- can I order a new tumbler from the dealer that will match my key or must I buy a tumbler with it's own matching key which would mean I would have to use a different key for each door hence forth?

Thanks for your help.
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