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Re: brake problem

Originally Posted by gaylude
my girlfriends ride has the same problem. but just like ghjtang said, brake pedal slowly goes down to the floor only when engine is running. blake pedal is normal when engine IS NOT running. is that mean air gets in the lines or master cylinder leaks only when engine is running??

check rear wheel cylinders and if not master cylinder is bad take a uv light and check under the master cylinder and if you see residue then theres your prob. because i had aal the same symptoms you guys had so i went crazy trying to fix it finally i fixed it by changing master cylinder.. also the brakes work on engine vacuum so with the car off its gna feel hard but as soon as engine is on then the brake booster works and makes braking alot easier but what happens is if theres a hole in the system when you push the brakes the pressure is gna drop and the pressure will not be returned hence the soft pedal
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