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Re: 1996 Rodeo compatible parts

Well, I can tell you that the front-ends of the '96-'97 years are slightly different then other years, if you've ever tried to find aftermarket parts for your year, you'll note that you can always find stuff for '91-'95 and then stuff for '98-'03; but there's always that break for those 2yrs.

I can tell you that parts for a '95.5-'97 should fit your truck exactly - however, I know for a fact that front ends of a '91-'93 are quite different. I had a '91 Rodeo who's front-end seemed a bit shorter/stouter then my '97 Rodeo.

What I would do, is get measurements of the '94 hood/fender and compare it to sizes for '95.5-'97 trucks; headlamps may not be any different from '94's and up. But, I can't remember, it's been too long, if my '91's lights were different then my '97.
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