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Re: BEST WIN: no flaming... best race, was when i was in my parents 2005 toyota sienna. i was driving it to go to the autozone for spart plugs for my sentra, but along the way i saw a really riced out pontiac grand am??? it had the huge wing and the hood scoops and everything but engine. i revved at him, he revedc back. i launched the awd sienna at like 3k rpms doing the brake-gas method and spanked him off the line. it was so funny. but that wasn't the good race.
the good race was when i was in my sentra and raced a 98 accord. we were about even until i hit 3rd gear and pulled on him nasty. i was about 3 cars ahead when it was about 80ish. i saw him at the next light, he asked what i had, i said "air freshener spray" and he got pisses and revved again and i burned him even more. when i passed him i sprayed some of the air freshener out the window while i was pulling lol. the guy got really mad and just turned away from me and never saw him again lol.
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