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Re: Masking interiors for paint?

BMF is AWSOME for masking! Sounds more expensive than it really is because actually you don't use that much of it.

I use it to mask along the edges and around fine details rather as Willimo suggests and then fill up remaining areas with masking tape. It is particularly effective on 2 tone seats. It just DOESN'T bleed and doesnt leave a huge edge because it is so thin.

Also I have just discovered the joys of Maskol on large areas where precision is not an issue - just slap it on there and it peels off beautifully afterwards. It resisits Alclad so I suppose it will resisit any paint.

Try it just once and I think you'll see what I mean

Hope my 2cents help

EDIT: I don't know whose interior you showed, but I'll bet 10-to-one that the floor was later flocked and that's why they didn't worry about the ejector marks
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