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Building a box

Not sure if this would go here but here it goes..

I want to put/build a bar/console to put in my car. I doubt I'll find anything pre fabricated so I'll have to try my hand at building one. I'd like it to go in between 2 bucket seats that I'll be using to replace a current bench seat. I want it to have a place i can put ice in and use a "cooler " for drinks and to store a bottle or two of alcohol. I would also like to even put a monitor and speakers on the side to enhance the a/v set up in the back. A friend of mine even mentioned a cigar humidor but that might be pushing it. I don't need any fancy curves so i envision a rectangular box shape with an opening up top and removable type basin for ice, a monitor on the front facing the back seat and a door below to store the liquor. A speaker on each side and cup holders on top. Looking at the pictures i put here, i want a similar shape to the smaller console but more like the bigger one which i would carpet. I don't want it to take up two seats like the big one. What kind of tools do you think i need and what kind of wood should i use to do this? How do i measure to go over the hump in the middle of the floor? I'm probably taking on more than i can handle but i'm going to try anyway. Any and all help is appreciated.

Something close to this in shape

But more like this in features. Just not as big

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