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Talking I'm an owner

I am the owner of an XJ220, I used to own a race XJ220 that competed in a few UK series and after I sold it Winn Percy set a track record at Brands Hatch in her (record for a classic lapping) There was a brief TV appearance on a series of the New Avengers, it had the most amazing paint job, took an artist 3 weeks with an air brush and a lot of misery and expence on my part but the result was a jaw dropper, people either loved it or hated it and thought it was sacriledge, it was based on the Alien in the film predator and the whole car was covered, if any one is interested I can post a photo. It was done as a publicity stunt as I was trying to get sponsorship, it didn't work. I sold it and got a road version with one of the few Carbon bodies available,that meant the speed was increased (never proven) by 10 MPH because of the weight saving. I am trying to sell it for 105,000 but as yet no takers. It is the most beutiful car to look at, but the standard brakes are appauling, it would stop quiker if there was a hole in the floor so you could put your foot on the tarmac, I upgraded the brakes to Brembo 4 pot calipers. It now stops :-). I can tell you all it is a great conversation piece at the dinner table as so few people have seen one in the metral flesh. It is the only baggage I still have from a reasonably wealthy past. AHHH the good old days.
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