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Question about 5th gear synchro and high RPM shifting

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know if high RPM gear shifting is bad for the transmission synchros.I recently bought a used car and Iíve been a little OCD about checking the 4th to 5th gear upshifts to make sure there are no grinds since 5th gear is usually the most common one that goes bad in manual transmissions.I must have donea few hundred up shifts between 4-5k rpm (7500 redline) but I did them with proper form (didnít slam the gear, didnít shift super fast) and I moved the shifter up from 4th, to the right and all the up into 5th rather than the diagonal shift people like to do.I never once heard or felt a grind Ė it was quite smooth actually.

But it got me worried that I might have accelerated synchro wear with the high RPM shifting.Could it have even though it feels perfect to me?Again, I never skipped gears or shifted fast or slammed the gear in.

Thanks in advance
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