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Re: 427 chev ???

There are lots of 427 truck engines out there, so your question is a common one. Often, the pick-up trucks used automotive 427 engines. The 427 truck engines were used in the 2 to 5 ton big trucks.

The engines are quite different, and the truck engine is ABSOLUTELY USELESS for a performance application.
I cannot over emphasise this enough. Don't even consider it.

The truck engine has a 1 inch higher deck height, so the cast iron, small port truck manifold is the only one which will work. All the high preformance stuff wont fit.
The block is wider and taller, and will not fit well in most cars anyways.
The block has very tall, heavy, low compression, low revving pistons, which are the only ones that will fit.
Finally, there is no way to cut the block deck down so the automotive 427 parts will fit.
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