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Originally posted by 2strokebloke

"You still have to mix the oil and the gas, every time you fill up."

It's easier to dump a couple quarts of oil into the gas tank, than it is to drain four quarts from the oil sump, replace an oil filter, make a mess, and have to refill the crankcase - over and over and over.


I disagree, you have to keep in mind the gasoline to oil ration, where with the Porsche, you simply have to drain the oil and change the filter. I have a fitting that attaches to a hose to change the oil, and it works quite well, the whole job is done in 15 minutes, and most of that is taken up by having a beer and reading a magazine while the oil is draining.

No mess, just have to be under the car for 5 minutes, and that's a great time to look around for leaks, check axle play, etc.
dont get me wrong, i'd stick my head under a porsche anyday.
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