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Well, you still haven't presented any reason for your dislike of the Trabant 601, so I'm lead to believe that you dislike it because it falls outside the boundaries of your sphere of conformity.
People usually dislike what is different or unusual even if they don't have any other good reason - stranger still that this is coming from somebody who thinks that Porsche is a "completely different flavour" of car.
over 3 million trabants sold, and you don't think it's a great car?

Don't think that the East Germans had only this one choice, of the domestic made cars there was the Trabant and the Wartburg, with a waiting period of 12 and 18 years for delivery respectively. They could have bought other cars with shorter waiting periods, and cars that cost less - but they chose the Trabant, so there was competition, the Trabant even became popular in countries outside of East Germany too. Simply thinking that the so many Trabants were produced because the East Germans had no other choice for a car is wrong.

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