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Your 924 is related to the Trabant!

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the 924 was originally an Audi project, and when it went into production under the Porsche name, it used some Audi parts.
Now Audi, and Horch (same founder) after the war found their factories in East Germany. DKW relocated to West Germany to resume production. The Trabant 601 (which is the model you apparently take offense to) was built in the old Horch factories.
Now of course the 601 was DKW in spirit, and also in layout - 2-stroke, front wheel drive etc. basically an evolved design of the prewar DKW.
In 1964 VW bought a majority stock in DKW and renamed DKW Audi, and Audi of course was responsible in part for the 924 - there you have it, Trabi blood taints that of porsche, by way of DKW.
My theory is that DKW can somehow be connected with every modern car being produced today.

But seriously, you still haven't actually answered my question of why you dislike one of Germany's greatest vehicles.
PS: it becomes habbit to put in the proper oil ratio, and it takes only seconds to do, unlike an oil change. Never mind, what am I thinking? alot of gas stations in East Germany had premix available from the pump, one mix for the Wartburg, and one mix for the Trabant, as they used different oil ratios - so I guess the entire trouble of oil was elimintated for these owners.

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