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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild

Having removed the 5th Gear and Fork on the Left Side, I had to grind off the
Counter Shaft nut's "staking" indentation.

It was so well punched in that I couldn't force it back out with my punch.
I was afraid that I would damage the shaft, so I ground it off with a "Moto Tool"

I'll have to buy a new nut. They are like the nuts on the end of the axle shafts in front.

Now I am at an impasse....

I cannot figure out a way to hold the Counter Shaft from turning while I twist off
the nut.

I tried putting a rag between the Counter Shaft Gear and the 5th Gear on the
Input Shaft, but the gears just cut the rag up like a pencil sharpener...!

I hope I can finger out what to do and not have to BUY that damned "Special Tool"...

Later.....I just found a post at the bottom of

which says, "..... remove the shift selector first. Then you can reach into the case and move all three
shift shafts up or down, locking up the gearbox. That way, the counter-shaft can't turn when
you try to turn the nut.

Guess I will do that....thanks Joe_G.


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