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Re: Would you buy it again?

yeah this reply is all late, but i'll chip in my two cents.

IF your looking for a woork truck, i see no better truck than a titan. It comes stock with the monster 5.6.

Now it sounds like you want something a little nicer. I own a 2004 titan. and the only truck i thought was in it's league that year was the f-150. I dont know if your anti-ford or what not, but ford makes a good truck (crappy cars). The ride in a titan is very comfortable. It has all the nice features that make it a joy to drive and ride in. i towed a very large car (7500 lbs car and trailer) from nevada to ohio and hardly felt like i was towing anything. Very smooth.
*Note I own a fully loaded LE Crew cab. Other models might ride different.
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