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HOW TO: Posting Pictures

Many of you may picture this thread useless. However, I do notice people having trouble posting their pictures here on AF.

__________________________________________________ ___
How to post pictures here on AF:

Click the gallery link at the top of every page.

Then click Upload Photos

When the page loads, click the browse button in the middle of the right side. Now search for your picture.
Requirements for uploading a picture:
-JPEG picture file [.jpg (i.e.: mypicture.jpg)]
-The file must be smaller than 80k

Select the file and click OK.

Now click the Upload/Submit button.

After that you will be taken to an Image List. Click Process Files. Once the files have been processed they are put into your gallery.

Now up at the top left of the page there will be a link to My Gallery, click that.

Once you have found the thumbnail of the image you wish to post into a thread or reply, click it.

Now you will be taken to the picture in a larger view with a short script to put in your thread or post.

That short script will be right below the large version of your picture. Highlight the text/script. The Script will look something like [img][img]
Once that text, in the textbox, is highlighted copy it (Ctrl+C)

Now go to your thread or post and paste that short script directly into your thread or post (Ctrl+V).


It isnt exactly the best tutorial but it gets the point across to those that dont know how. As soon as I get back home after vacations I will edit this tut with some print screens to make it a little more clear.
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