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Tamiya Toyota TS050

This WIP might get a bit more interest than my last one...

I received the TS050 on Monday night and am very impressed with the kit overall. As complicated as this kit is, its clear from how its designed they intend for novices to build it. In other words, perfect for me! The instruction sheet has a switch for the previous kits I've build by indicating TS spray paints for most parts versus the typical acrylic as well. It looks like they intend to allow people to use simply white, black and semi-gloss spray paints to build the car. The red is simply decals, minus a small part that requires TS-49 if you intend to build #8

I intend to build this kit exactly per the instructions and see what we end up with. I know that I'll be building it again in the future, so can hold off on opening the doors and other fun things until a later date. The kit is really only 3 sprues plus the body and glass. The chromed lid for the interior is a reasonably well done part that I'll be using, but I'm sure those who aren't in such a rush will get a better result by doing it themselves.

The box!

Lots of masking templates

And lots of body decals. I'm super excited to finally be building a kit again with new decals! For this I'll be using the kit decals for most parts, but may paint some red parts using TS-49 decanted as I don't trust that the decals will cover everything completely.

More decals.

Initial semi-gloss black with X-18 is laid down after I had primered earlier in the day. I'm using my spray gun for this and while the large parts look amazing, it doesn't cover the smaller bits very well. I'll be covering up again tonight with some extra X-18.

More parts covered in X-18.

And the body is primered too. Plan is to paint it Zero Pure White and then do the masking for Tamiya acrylic black and semigloss afterwards.

There is one other sprue which includes most of the body panels which need to be white. Once the main parts are painted I'll take the parts off the sprues and do any coverup that needs to happen.
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