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Re: FPM resin 1/24th scale kits

Originally Posted by F1Tommy View Post
You do nice work, don't get me wrong but you build other peoples kits. I am referring to companies that do their own resin models from scratch. BBR, Tecnomodel, MR collection, EMC/Pivtorak and B&G ect all use photoetch windows in both 1/43rd and 1/18th. Top Marque, GP Replicas, BBR, OTTO ect even use on 1/12th models.

I am not digging up the post but you told me previously that you liked bare metal foil and several models on your old website are done that way.
Tom, regardless of what others do, flat photoetched window frames are not correct and not easy to work with. They look like stickers.

Foil or no foil (there are nice chrome paints nowadays that you can use if you don't like foil), but these window frames are 3D on real cars, they are not flat. And they are definitely not THIS wide, they are much thinner too. These PE parts look to be what, 1.5-2mm? That's almost 2 inches wide on a real car!

I'm sure its easier to make, and that is why its still being done that way. Its still a great kit and I will definitely get one as this is one of my favorite Ferraris. But accuracy is what makes scale models - "scale models".
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