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Wanted 1/12 Revell Camaro Decals and Rims

Hello all.....longtime visitor (lurker) to this site....but a first time poster. Many great builds on display. I've learned a lot here.

Today I picked up the Revell 1/12 Camaro Z28 from a guy on a local reseller site. It is the older version of the kit that I purchased at a good price. The kit decals are "okay" but I'm hoping to locate a set of the decals from the Foose version of the kit. I'm thinking of painting it silver and would like the black Rallye stripes.

Also, the chrome on the stock rims is not the best. Actually, overall the chrome is subpar (almost an orange peel finish).

Wondering if any member has a better set of the stock rims and/or a set of decals from the Foose version that they would be willing to sell.

Any offers to sell or leads on where to obtain them would be greatly appreciated.


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