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How do I strip paint off a plastic model? What is "CSC"?
CSC is shorthand for Castrol Super Clean, a cleaner/degreaser available in North America.

If you want to go ahead and strip all the paint from the car body, here's what you do:

Go to your local auto supply store and buy a bottle of Castrol Super Clean, a pair of rubber gloves and a cheap brush with medium bristles. You also need a plastic Tupperware-like box that's bigger than the car body.
  1. Wear gloves.
  2. Pour all the CSC into the plastic box.
  3. Put the car body in the plastic box, in the CSC. Don't worry if the car isn't completely covered, you can let it sit, then flip it over to get the other side later.
  4. Let it soak in there for at least four hours.
  5. Use your gloved finger to rub some of the treated paint. If it smears off, it's almost ready. When it wipes off, it is ready.
  6. Use the brush to scrub all the paint off.
  7. Wash the body with water.
You can re-use the CSC if you filter it back into the bottle. And it's biodegradable, so if you spill, just wash with water.

If you don't have access to CSC where you live, alternatives are nail polish remover (TEST on scrap plastic first! Some nail polish remover will melt styrene!!), foaming oven cleaner (Mr. Muscle is recommended) or brake fluid (note: NOT brake cleaner!).

While CSC does very well at stripping Acrylics and Enamels, it seems to have trouble stripping some Lacquers. For Lacquers, start with brake fluid.

Also, see if you have access to a product called "Modelstrip."

Here is a link to a great comparison of some common paint strippers: BONEDIGGER'S Styrene Archaeology E-ZINE

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