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How do you apply decals?
Decals vary according to manufacturer, and most will sit on flat panels very easily. For curved or angular panels however, they will benefit greatly from a softening solution such as Microsol.

This will make any decal conform to a surface, but must only be applied after the decal is in the right position, as it will break if moved after application. The decal may wrinkle a little while it is wet, but will dry tightly and neatly.
Cut the decal from the sheet staying close to the design so you remove the clear carrier film also. Dip in warm water which has a drop of dish washing liquid in it, then set the decal on a piece of paper to release. Once it will slide off with no effort, offer it up to the model with a pair of tweezers, and slide the decal into position, with either a thin layer of water or Microsol in the position the decal needs to go.
Then, with a wet cloth, and holding one side of the decal with another cloth, carefully push down and across the decal, removing water and bubbles from underneath the surface. Then hold the other end and repeat.
It goes without saying you can rip the decal using this method so be careful, but when the decal is dry it is the best result you can get. You don't need to rub small decals.

A decal will on an uneven surface will fit better if pressed with a hot cloth, or with heat from a hairdryer. Care must be taken with both methods though, to avoid drying out or moving the decal.

A few nips with a sharp scalpel will also help a decal to conform to an awkward shape.
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