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AF Car Modeling Classified Thread

This is the "Official" thread for all buy/sell/trade classifieds on this board. Any and all other posts resembling a buy/sell/trade proposition will be closed, deleted or merged into this thread, at the moderators' discretion.

This is for individual-to-individual transactions only, not individual-to-business nor individual-to-individual-representing-a-business. Commercial vendors, we should have new guidelines soon to outline your advertising opportunities available shortly.

In return for the free advertising you'll receive, we ask the following.
  • Please, make all transactions off this board. Use either Email or Private Messages. Do not post in this thread to reply to or "call dibs on" an advertised item.
  • Please post in the Subject field of every post, "For Sale," "For Trade," or "Wanted to Buy/Trade."
  • Sellers, it is not required, but it would be highly helpful and much appreciated if you would edit your posts to reflect sold-out items.
  • Don't post stocklists. Especially, do not post the same list every week. If you're trying to start a business at this, pay for your own bandwidth.
  • Don't beg for stuff that's readily available all over the internet. If I can find it for sale on three different sites and Ebay, then you probably don't need to make a "WTB" post.
  • Don't complain about others' prices. At least not in this thread. Make all negotiations off the board.
  • This thread will be pruned every week or so, and all posts older than 14 days will be deleted.
  • No Ebay auctions! You're welcome to sell directly to members here, but links links to items for sale on Ebay or other external sites are not permitted.
After a completed transaction, feel free to leave feedback in this thread:
Good Traders Thread

We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time, and we'll be holding you all to them, so pay attention to them!

Happy Trading!

Moderators: How to prune this thread
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