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Re: Power Steering Added to Coolant - Mechanic wants $600 to FLUSH?

[quote=he also wanted to replace some thermostat, quoted at $180 for the part, which according to him required the front manifold being removed... is it really necessary to replace the thermostat like he says, or would I be fine flushing it myself like I want to (run water through it will a coolant flush additive, then flush that out and refill with coolant)?

2012 Jetta 2.5 SE

Thanks for the suggestions.[/QUOTE]

The thermostat for your Jetta is $30 w/shipping unless you need to replace the entire assembly but then it's only $50ish (link below) I've never replaced a Jetta thermostat so I'm not sure about labor costs but $180 is overpaying for parts.,2200

Flushing your radiator is not that hard and if you feel comfortable doing it yourself I would definitely recommend it. There are plenty of videos online that show you how to do it if you're not sure. Good luck!
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