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Popular Science 2004-Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Has anyone read the latest edition of popular science with the article about the 16.4 Veyron?

All i have to say, is I want one!...then reality kicks in, and I think...naw!
But seriously...1001 HP???can u say HOLY SHIT! And its a beautifull car! Here's the specs: Top speed of 252 MPH, 0-60 in 3, 0-186 in 14, 1000hp @6,000rpm, Torque 922 lb.-ft @ 2,200-5,500rpm...weighs a massive 4,300lbs . Its got a seven speed sequential manual transmission that dosen't have a clutch pedal, but paddles in front of the steering wheel control dual automatic clutches.Ones always engaged, the other waits attatched to the next gear. When u shift the next gear engages almost instantaneously! The engine is 16-cylinder based on the W design from the VW Passat.But the veyron's version has two 90-degree V8s offset by 15-degrees,and four turbos as with the EB110! I could go on, and im sorry if most already know about this, but im impressed! the 16.4 is also very luxurious! "Swathed in heavyweight leather, and has a stadium-filling stereo, navigation,electronic everything.", which tells u why its 4,300 lbs. I mean its heavy enough without all that, but its added in anyways.Its so heavy, when u hammer the throttle, theres no wheel spin it just accelerates...i mean, strap some wings on this baby why don't ya. its still bound to be beat around a dry track by say a Ferrari Enzo mind you!but the thought that ataining to 1000hp is possible, blows me away! Mabye one day i'd like to test drive one(in my dreams), but even if i could, i don't think i'd get one!
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