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Re: Re: Annoying automatic seatbelts anyone?

Originally Posted by saturntangerine
Cut the cable that slides with the motor... Pull the clips in the door all the way back. (I don't have my FSM on me, so I can't get too specific on the location) but Cut the wires leading into the seatbelt motor. Your seatbelt light will still flash, but it won't ding like if you just unbuckled the seatbelt from the clip. I'm sure you can also go in and cut the wire to your seatbelt alert light. I'm almost positive that won't cause you to fail any sort of inspection. I've passed PA safety inspection twice with my driver's side seatbelt *rigged* as described above. I've just been putting up with the flashing seatbelt light for the past 10 months or so.
I saw a tool the other day for working on cars, or just listening to your radio without that darned ding ding, and it just plugs right in to the seatbelt recepticle. I'm not sure how it works, but it works. It says Illegal for Driving, but I guess that is a choice made by the driver. It stopped the ding and the light.
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