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Re: 2009 Malibu electrical problem, gauges and dash lights

Some of my research pointed to the BCM being a common failure that would cause this kind of behavior, so today I picked one up at the salvage yard for $50. I stopped by the GM dealer and installed it in the parking lot, then had the dealer program it. They tried, but their tools would not let it be reprogrammed. They printed out a paper that showed that once a VIN or odometer reading was programmed into the BCM it cannot be changed. So used BCM is useless for this car.

Even so, I could run the car with the used BCM, it just activated the theft lock so my radio didn't work, it showed "locked" on the display. I didn't notice anything else that didn't work. While running the used BCM I experienced the same problem, so I think it is safe to say the BCM wasn't the problem.

I don't think this is the cause of my problem, but the negative battery terminal doesn't tighten down as tight as I would like to see, I might swap a battery from another vehicle and replace the negative cable just to completely rule it out.

Next steps might be tracing more wiring harnesses to see if I can find any damage or corrosion on pins, but I've covered this pretty well already and haven't found anything. Other ideas welcome, thanks!
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