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Re: 2009 Malibu electrical problem, gauges and dash lights

Battery was load tested and tested good. I had an alternator go bad and replaced the alternator, along with the main wire going from alternator to starter, as it was rubbed part way through on a bracket it was tied to. Hoping this would resolve my problems, but didn't change anything.

Everything I read about this type of problem on other websites people make multiple trips to the dealer, they do random things like replace cables, battery, throttle body, pedal sensor, etc, and the problem always comes back until the owner gets mad and trades off the car. I can't find anyone who has resolved this kind of problem.

I'm leaning towards it being a problem in one of the modules. Does anyone know what modules I can replace without having a dealer program them? And which ones would I need a dealer to program after I replace? What if I get a set of modules from a junk yard and put them all in as a set, does that work?
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