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2009 Malibu electrical problem, gauges and dash lights

I have an electrical issue I could use some suggestions where to look for my problem. I bought this car 6 months ago, 130K miles, about a month ago I started seeing an occasional warning message on the dash while driving, but would quickly clear itself. Power Steering and Service ESC were most common. Then I started seeing all of my gauges drop out while driving, along with error messages mentioned, low fuel, and the security light would be on.

The problem has started showing up frequently now, a couple times for extended periods of time and I have got stuck where the transmission won't shift until I stop and restart the car.

I have checked battery connections, power cable to fuse block, ground wires in engine compartment (found 3 different ones). Haven't checked starter cables but might look at those next.

Today I got a bunch of diagnostic codes to register when this happened, along with a check engine light of course. Does this list of codes that registered point someone to an area I can focus my investigation? I'm still focused on wiring problem, bad ground, corrosion, or possibly bad BCM/PCM/ECM (not sure what modules this car has that could be affected), am I on the right track?

Codes look like the CANBUS communication is effected as several different modules lost communication.

U0100 - Lost comm with ECM/PCM "A"
U0073 - Control module communication bus off
P0700 - Transmission control system (MIL Request)
P0575 - Cruise control input circuit
P0150C - ?
U0101 - Lost comm with TCM
U0121 - Lost comm with anti-lock brake system (ABS) control module
U0140 - Lost comm with body control module
U2105 - ?
C0561 - ?

Thanks for the help!
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