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Re: 1978 Yamaha Enduro 100 that won't start HELP!!!

Well, if the injector tank is full and there are no air bubbles in the oil line then assume it works, and do not bother plugging the line.

As for the plug....... 2 stroke engines are notorious for using up plugs pretty quickly. It's not unusual to benefit from a new plug with as little as 20 hours use.
Get another plug as a spare so the next time it is hard starting, try the new plug first.

As for the noise, are you used to air-cooled 2 strokes? They tend to make lots of engine noise because there is no water jacket to dampen the sound, and the cooling fins act like a loudspeaker for the engine.

I expect given the age of the bike, the piston and rings are probably pretty worn and loose, so the noise is probably 'piston slap'. 2 stroke engines do not last as long as 4 strokes, so it may be time to remove and rebore the cylinder and install a new piston and rings. Unlike a car, this is an easy job on an air cooled bike.
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