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Re: Is Ctpl Car Insurance Enough?

Originally Posted by Amy Zara View Post
Hey, Your question shows your necessity in that particular topic also this will be faced by many people.

The CTPL policy can only be claimed if the death, damage, or injury was caused by the operation of the insured vehicle. While CTPL insurance is very cheap, the coverage is not sufficient and is almost always not enough to cover damages after common road accidents. Which is why people buy comprehensive car insurance on top of their CTPL.
If you have a comprehensive car insurance plan with the third-party liability benefit, it can pay for expenses that the CTPL cannot cover fully.
So I think it is enough to say that I also insured my car but not fully protect you. I prefer comprehensive insurance will suits you. Thank you.
I have to agree that CTPL is not enough to cover damages when common road accidents happen. I am planning to purchase a comprehensive car insurance plan to top up my CTPL car insurance so I can have financial protection when such situation happens on the road. Is there a benefit or coverage that would suit most car owners like comprehensive insurance that covers car damage, theft, repair or more? It would be great if you could share a good comprehensive car insurance coverage. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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