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Re: L6 250 new carb set-up questions

Originally Posted by dustyben View Post
I have a 1968 Chevy II/Nova w l6 250 engine. I have been getting horrible mpg ( 8-9) & found that the cam on the back of the carb had fallen off. I had bought the car barely running & know that the screws were set all over the place. I set the lower screw about one turn out from seated & adjusted the upper idle screw. The car ran better but doesn't stay, it always needs adjusting. Rather than rebuild the leaky & broken thing- does anyone know what the set up should be, once I buy & install a new Rochester monojet? I would rather some sort of quick way to install throttle body injection but...
I would start with using a vacuum guage and repair all vac leaks.

make sure the float is adjusted correctly after that , then adjust the mixture screw using the vacuum guage .

replace the fuel filter often .
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