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Mustang Questions

Hey Im new to this!
I have a 2000 Ford Mustang GT, Well I want to beef it up, well I want about 400-450HP or close to it. Now I no your all thinking that Im crazy lol cause I am lol everything is bone stock expect a K&N airtake!!

I need help and I ideas
-here a list In what Im planning to do
-Paxton Novi 2000 Superchargar kit in
-Long Tube polised SS headers
-30 Fuel injectors
-Polised Tyhoon Intake
-Throttle Body Cable
-Preformance Intercooler systhem
-Full suspension
-And a Engine Tune-up

Things Im doining to the Rear
-Rear Gears- Not sure what size 3.73-4.10

If some stuff dont make no sence to you please correct me

Please leave your opion in what Brand I should go with.
Or what esle I could do to beef up my engine.
So of any one can help me that would be awsome
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