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Re: Re: for anybody who is building a williams bmw f1 car

Originally Posted by willimo
Surprising how different the buttons are placed, you'd think that would tend to be consistant and not confuse the drivers.

Also, how are the rotors made? Are they turned, or cast? I have no idea how they work with those carbon ceramic sort of materials.

The discs are made of silicon ceramic mixed with carbon fiber. To
manufacture the discs you mix in carbon fibers, a special resin and
carbon powder. With this mixture it fills special molds under pressure
which are then baked for some time at 1,000 C. Then the disc is
machined and then mixed with liquid silicon and baked again at 1,500 C.
The silicon reacts with the carbon to form the ceramic.

there is a chemical reaction between the silicon and the carbon powder so the fibers provide structural strength without making the disc fragile. There is then a final machining with tools of similar strength to those used to work on diamonds.
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