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Re: Brake Holding pressure

Originally Posted by corem View Post
Ok I check the anti-pulsation vavle on master cylinder. I was able too blow from the input side but not the return. Ialso checked the flow from the caliper back to the valve. I tried to clean it out but found no use of it. I then tried to drill though it. I then Took at masonary bit and knocked out the insides. It looks like a metering valve on the inside. Clean out shavings and reinstalled. I went fr short drive went great. I then drove again and was ok. I tried the ABS and found nothing wrong. I have drove around twenty miles so far all good. TYhe onlt thing idid do that needed to be done was completly bleed all the old fluid form the system and replace with synthetic fluid. It was full of rust and small black stuff.
I also found out that the vavle can be bought with a new master cylinder from most parts places.
Thanks for the update and fix.
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