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Lightbulb Can a Video & TV-Documentation about performing Odometer-Rollback procedere causing problems with Tourist-VISA?

Howdy all,

first of all I wish you'll a happy and successful new year 2017 and lots of strenghts and good health....

This year 2017, I may planing to go on vacation to America, and here's may one of my concerns....
I up loaded a video long time ago ( 2011 ) , showing, how it is been done to roll back a digital odometer on a car.

well.... this video had a lots and lots of clicks, and matterfact in the last 2... 3 years a lot of Television stations in the whole entire USA made copies of that video and done a documentary about it and used my pictures and my video....

Last year 2016 the German "ADAC"
done a documentary about odometer-Rollback also, and wanted to present on TV, how a odometer Rollback is been done.

For that reason, they on the internet and newspaper ads, and found my advertisement.

So, the next step was, to call me, and set up an appointment for odometer-Rollback.

They done a video with hidden camera, and 2 weeks later it was on German televison.

so far I have and had no concerns, because I've done nothing illegal here in Europe, and matterfact even told the customers, that I do not perform a odometer Rollback to lower the mileage for fraud.

I only adjust the mileage for repair reasons, if may be somebody changed his odometer Cluster and replaced the "Tachometer", than, and only than, I adjust and put the real mileage on the odometer Reading.

But even the German TV Reporters may had some clue, that I have also a video in America online, and now I like to figure out, if I can get in Trouble in America, as soon as I enter the territory of US of A.

Did somebody may has an answer?

Thanks a lot, and I wish you'll a nice day...

Truly yours... MHCP

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