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General Questions on buying an SC400

How many miles would be good for an SC400?

One in particular I am looking at is a '92, with 91250 Miles on it, and selling for $8750. This one is being sold at a Daewoo Dealership. This one seems to be stock.

Another I am looking at is a '92 SC400 with 118750 Miles on it, and selling for $10415. This is one being privately sold, and has aftermarket "18 chrome rims, and a 12 disc cd player.

Which is one about what I should be looking for, and which one looks to be an out right rip off, stolen car, or whatever?

Here are the links.

I'll be doing a carfax report on both when I get the VINS. ANyhting in particualr I should be looking for when buying an SC400?

Oh and how many interior colors were there for the 92 and 93 SC400, did they ever come in all black?
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