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Two Issues....


I JUST purchased AS IS, a 1999 STS.

1. I experience (after a week) a popping sound when turning the wheel to the right. And, I get a vibration between 60 and 70mph on the highway. I've a couple of posts but I'm not sure it's the same issue. Can anyone tell me what this may be? Struts, bearings, etc? Also, I feel EVERY bump in the road! I understand that the STS is a more stiff ride than the SLS, but I shouldn't feel a PENNY if I ran over it!

2. Fuel Gauge: The actual gauge itself is ALL OVER THE MAP! The used car dealer told me (AFTER I SIGNED THE DOTTED LINE) that the gauge is off by 1/4. So at 1/4 tank, it's actually EMPTY. I thought it's no big deal because I can use the FUEL RANGE indicator. (My 2000 Park Avenue had the same thing and it worked fine). But the computerized indicator I believe is wrong as well. I put $20 in the tank 2 days ago, and it still says I have 198 miles before empty. I've driven a LONG way. Any ideas to getting this calibrated?

Thanks for your help. I'm really discouraged right now.... The dealer indicates that this is AS IS. I feel like I've PAID for problems. And... I've financed it for 3 years.
1999 STS

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