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obdII help

There seems to be so much about particular DTC codes out on the web that it is almost overwhelming, however I have failed to find this answer.

My reader will display a list of 13 specs about the vehicle and I wonder if anyone can help me use this info. to decipher probable causes of code.

Here the list:
Fuel Sys 1 ol
Fuel Sys 2 ol
Calc load 5%
Ect 185 deg F
STFT B1 0%
LTFT B1 2.3%
STFT B2 0%
LTFT B2 6.2%
Map 8.2 in hg
eng. RPM 1121
Veh. Speed 32 mph
Maf 0.82 lb/min
TPS 0.0 %

This particular vehicle is a'98 Isuzu Rodeo with a 3.2 v6 engine and a 4L30e transmission.

How about it? Anyone help educate an old dog??
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