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Re: Re: Just got an 01 GTP...anything I should look for?

Originally Posted by jimmyv-21
BIG RED LIGHT ON THE FLUSH. i know the car has only a few miles, but you have no idea how it was maintained. flushing the system dislodges all the built up sludge in your tranny and will remove most but not all of it. it will also shock the clutches, even on a car with low mileage. a fluid and filter change will replace approx 3/4 of the trans fluid, and there are no side effects. you cant ever go wrong just doing the fluid and filter. fyi- you can search this forum and others and find many stories where someone ended up replacing the tranny after a flush. good luck

Yeah I know on the flush. I've aready read a few horror stories. I called the dealer to find out if they do a real flush or just a fluid change and they said it was a flush. I guess they don't know better but from what I understand a flush is just standard procedure when they get cars in on trade regardless. The Pontiac dealer didn't seem concerned when I told him and he said they do it alot on cars with that mileage without problems. He said not to do it if it had say 100,000, but otherwise should be OK and recommended having it done every 60,000. I know some dealers are ignorant, but I guess I'll find out. Well, I've got a 3yr/36,000 warranty with the car so I'm not gonna sweat too hard over it.
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