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Re: Re: Just got an 01 GTP...anything I should look for?

Originally Posted by jimmyv-21
bnaylor is right on the supercharger oil- most superchargers dont last more the 100,000, but with preventative maintenance, you can get many more. a good tune-up wouldnt hurt anything either, since you are getting close to 60k. also, any fluid changes are good maintenance- notice i said change, not flush. your tranny has few enough miles on it that you could start the scheduled fluid/ filter changes. neither the tune up nor the fluid changes are required scheduled maintenance yet, but since you dont know the history and you want the vehicle to last, it is a good time to start. and as far as the mobil 1 oil, you can change over to it if your vehicle has less than 60,000 and was made on or after 2000 as stated on the mobil 1 web site. once you start though, it is recommended that you never change. and fyi- stay close to the forum- there are several people here such as bnaylor and gtp dad and richtazz that can answer almost any question. enjoy the new ride
Thanks for the info. Well, I changed the supercharger oil this evening. The old stuff smelled pretty nasty but not overpowering. Took about a bottle and a half (6 oz) to fill it to the plug threads where the manual said. The dealer I bought it from did do a full "flush" to the tranny, and after talking with a local Pontiac dealer he said it shouldn't hurt it with the low miles. After poking around on the forum and looking at the car I discovered the previous owner installed the 3.4" pulley on the SC. Now I'm really curious about whether a chip is installed. The car will shift at 5800 from first to second when you put the hammer down. Does this sound right for a stock setup? I havn't done much reading on the computer parts yet, so pardon me if I sound ignorant using the term 'chip'.

One more thing... if I do switch to synthetic and it does leak, will the leaking go a way if I go back to regular oil or will I have to have gaskets and seals replaced? Thanks for all the help.

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