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Re: DIY Chrome Foil Decals

I ordered laser paper (I was using inkjet in the above posts) and additional foils in several colors.

I'm going to try other manufacturers too.

So far I've been using Minc foils which are dirt cheap (under $5 bucks for the small roll about $15 for the large) and Pulsar.

One color in particular caught my attention.

White pigment TRF for printing in white.

I also ordered Pulsar Pro's PCB "Fab-in-a-Box" kit which uses the same system for etching PC boards (photoetching without the photo resist chemicals!)

At some point I'll also try Pulsar's Dry Transfer Decal system with the foils but, from the how-to videos, it takes a little bit longer and is more extensive than I want really to deal with at the moment.

I just wanna print the damn decals out, foil 'em and be done with it. lol

As far as the overlays with inkjet printed decals, same transparency problem they've always had. The images were fine but the chrome was so bright it washed them out. Granted, they were tiny images (the smaller Touring badges seen in my first post were about an 1/8th of an inch).

So for now, waiting on laser paper to try toner images for coloring.

Will update with results as soon as I get the stuff.

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